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Gavin Henderson Peal - Business Coach

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“If you learn from your mistake it becomes a lesson; if you don’t, it will remain a mistake.”

That motto is exactly why the big challenges in life make me so excited: having been through many ups and downs in both my professional and personal life, the knowledge that we can better ourselves through how we handle challenges is integral to how I conduct my business.

People often ask me, “Gavin, what is success to you?” The answer is simple: success is helping others by sharing what I learn and teaching them to never be afraid to ask questions or make mistakes. It’s reminding my clients that we’re all human and that we are all constantly improving on ourselves both personally and professionally, because that’s the only road to long-term growth. When running into a roadblock for success, my motto is, “A) We are going to figure out how to avoid this challenge in the future, and B) since we’re in the situation now, we’re going to ensure that we leave it having learned something that’s going to benefit us in the future

Tackling the big challenges in life has always excited me. That, combined with the empathy that I inherited from my late mother and her teachings, has made me into the consultant that I am today; offering what I have learnt through my life experiences to help others is my passion