“Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen.”
– Shakti Gawain

Personal Training in Oak Bay, BC

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What is Personal Training?

Certified Personal Trainers design fitness programs tailored to individual needs. An excellent trainer will also have excellent teaching skills and a knack for inspiring others to stay on track.

Depending on what you are hoping to achieve, a personal trainer may prescribe a combination of resistance training, cardio, functional mobility exercises and nutritional advice based on Canada’s updated Food Guide.

Expect your program to change over time as your level of fitness continues to improve.

Where do Personal Trainers work?

Personal trainers work in gyms, rec-centers and integrated health facilities.

Scope of Practice

A personal trainer can help you to:

  • Perform exercises properly, with correct form and posture, so you can avoid exercise-related injuries.
  • Build muscle and bone strength.
  • Increase your metabolism and lose weight.
  • Stay on track over time and achieve your fitness goals.


BCRPA-Personal Trainers are required to pass provincially accredited physiology and musculoskeletal anatomy exams (80% minimum score) and must maintain annual Continuing Education credits, as well as valid Emergency First Aid and CPR certifications.

Who can benefit from Personal Training?

Exercise is and should be for EVERYONE: Once you’ve filled out a PAR-Q pre-exercise questionnaire, and you have determined that you aren’t required to get a doctor’s permission to exercise, you will be able to start your program.

What to Expect

Are you an athlete looking to build functional strength and agility? Or just want to feel stronger and more stable in your body? A personal trainer can put you safely on track.With valid certification in Personal Training and Feldenkrais®, Elena combines sensory-motor learning techniques with strength training and other aspects of fitness.

All sessions are in-house and run for 60 minutes. An additional complimentary 30-minutes will be added to your first session for assessments.

Fitness Program Design

Do you have access to equipment somewhere else but want help designing your program? Elena can help. Come by the center to complete a 30-minute assessment and to establish your program of choice. Then spend 45-minutes learning how to correctly perform the exercises scheduled for your first week. Expect updated exercises each week thereafter for 3 consecutive weeks.

Choose from one of the following:

  • Endurance + Agility: Focus is on muscular endurance, functional mobility and range of motion
  • Posture + Stability: Focus is on posture, functional mobility, coordination and muscular re-balancing
  • Power Up: Focus is on building muscle mass and overall strength.

Specialty Programs

To improve mind-muscle connection, Elena’s specialty programs incorporate sensory-motor and strength training exercises.

Precise skeletal awareness during exercise brings about more power using less effort. It reduces the likelihood of injury and leads to better form and more grace.

Balance & Fall Prevention Series

Format: Group. 2 - 4 People.

Improve your stability and learn how to quickly catch yourself when you lose your balance

Includes one in-house class per week for 5. consecutive weeks

  • Week 1: Counter balance A
  • Week 2: Stabilize the feet and hips
  • Week 3: Stabilize while walking, arms up overhead
  • Week 4: Counterbalance B
  • Week 5: Fast feet

Introduction to Next Level Golf

Format: Group. 2 - 4 people.

* To book, please contact reception (or email Elena directly) to register.

Learn key functional warm-up movements and sample a lesson.

  • Includes one in-house 60-minute class

Next Level Golf Program

Format: Private

* To book, please contact reception (or email Elena directly) to register.

Dramatically improve thoracic rotation and drive the ball stronger and farther than before.

Includes two (1 hour) in-house sessions per week for 6 consecutive weeks

  • Week 1: Grounding the hips
  • Week 2: Hips + shoulders in opposition
  • Week 3: Effortless use of the hands
  • Week 4: Back-in-action lower back
  • Week 5: Expand + strengthen the ribs
  • Week 6: Stabilize + mobilize the hips